About us

FOG Fluid Premium E-liquid, known as Dripping Mispfitz Fog Fluid, is manufactured by John "Wacky Vapes" Castellano via Vanguard Manufacturing out of Addison Texas.

Joining forces with Vanguard enabled us to create, mix, source, ship and ensure all of our retailers’ bases are covered from the first drop of a single Batch of liquid. On pace or superceeding some of the most sophisticated facilities in the industry.

FOG Fluid was created to provide a product that is original, trademarked, premium quality, insured, lab made, and tested. But, Also, not passing up the most important part of why we started doing this in the first place!  We want to be the Best damn eliquid out there Period....Second to none.  And with the flavors we've made, and the success we have shared; I truly believe you are making the right choice, Try us, I know you wont be disappointed.

  • More customers from our marketing
  • Higher sales numbers
  • Tested premium e-liquid
  • Product liability insurance
  • Less outstanding inventory
  • Produced in a ISO-7 Certified Cleanroom
  • Promo materials for stores
  • And stronger margins with local support

Expertise in emerging markets isn’t always easy to come by, but FOG Fluid brings you just that: a collection of highly informed specialists fully dedicated to meeting all your vapor market needs and quality you and your customers can count on.